ID Projects: LAN (Aircraft Interiors): More details

Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner is sold as a kit of parts from a catalog. The airline may select from a pre-qualified set of options for seats, entertainmeent systems, and interior finishes and fixtures.

LAN is committed to serving their market with a unique and stunning visual style. As clients they constantly pushed the limits of what was possible thru branding the catalog items.

The Aura seat LAN selected for their Premium Business experience is feature rich with convenience and comfort for the passenger. Adapting the look for a distinct LAN experience was the initial challenge.

Early in the Aura project LAN decided to buy additional 767 aircraft thus needed to adapt the Aura branded seat for that more narrow airframe. It was imperative that the passenger bed space be equal to the seat we had created in 2005 for their existing 767 fleet.

In 2004 LAN undertook a complete rebranding which included the interiors of their aircraft. Premium businesss class in the 767 fleet became the project for RCM with the seat the primary target.

LAN purchased the SICMA Cirrus seat. Based on that platform a unique look was created by manipulating the shape and finishes of the backshell. Click this image for a 3d bubble view of that seat & cabin.