Studio RCM is the home base of designer Robb McDougle. Since 1978, he has combined his training in architecture, lighting and industrial design, with extensive experience in the field to offer innovative design solutions for a wide range of project types. He is committed to creating environments that ennoble people and facilitate / reflect the business goals or life style ambitions of each client.

RCM partners with the client and supports them from the earliest phases of project feasibility and evaluation, acquisition and construction, through the final details of move-in. He encourages the client to explore their fantasies about what they want from their built environment and takes them past what they thought was possible.

What RCM excels at is:

Robb prides himself on the many repeat clients and enduring friend-ships that have developed over the course of the design and construction process.



Contact Information:

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Robert C McDougle Jr
Studio RCM
73 Fuller Lane
Hyde Park, NY 12538